Our School Values

Our School Values

At Manor Primary School we aspire towards, role model and celebrate our core values In everything we do! Our four core values are:

- Exceptionality

- Respect

- Collaboration

and Integrity

It is these four-star values that will enable each and every one of us to become the very best versions of ourselves and sparkle with star quality. Each star embodies our four core values that we all promote, aspire to and fulfil in everything we say and do!


At Manor we endeavour to be exceptional in all that we say and do. We constantly strive to be the very best versions of ourselves with the highest standard in our learning, behaviours and friendships. We pride ourselves on being exceptional peers and role models that inspire, drive change and positively influence those around us. Exceptionality is when the ordinary becomes extraordinary!


At Manor we all demonstrate respect by interacting with and caring for others in a way that adds dignity to ourselves, relationships and our school. We value and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals. We express appreciation for everyone's efforts and contributions and we take the responsibility for our words and actions seriously. 


We will always do the right thing, no matter who is watching. Here at Manor, having a moral compass that guides our behaviour, makes us good role models and establishing relationships built on trust is incredibly important.


We are working together with all stakeholders. By valuing their thinking and working together as a team, we often achieve the very best outcome that celebrates everyone's hard work. 

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Manor Primary

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