Key skills in English permeate all areas of the curriculum and contribute to the social, emotional and educational development of each child.

Children need to be able to communicate effectively and express themselves with confidence, read fluently and accurately, with understanding and with enjoyment and communicate through written language showing a clear understanding of grammar.

‘English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching: for pupils, understanding the language provides access to the whole curriculum. Fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects’ The National Curriculum in England, July 2014.

At Manor Primary School we are committed to the delivery of excellence in the teaching of English. We aim to develop each child so that they are able to read with fluency and understanding and communicate effectively both orally and in written form to any given audience. These skills are essential foundations for literacy development and effective teaching of English will offer opportunities to promote oral skills.

Our planning of English at Manor follows the Statutory requirements for the teaching and learning of English as laid out in, The National Curriculum in England Framework Document for Teaching, September 2014 and the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, September 2014.

In line with the schools policy and commitment to excellence in English, each class will spend 7.5 hours each week on direct English teaching. The structure of each lesson at Manor and the journey of English across the week enables all aspects of the National Curriculum for English to be taught, lessons are uniquely planned and tailored to meet the needs of all our learners.

In addition, Literacy and the teaching of English permeate the whole curriculum. There is a clear emphasis on the teaching of basic English across the curriculum to ensure that children have opportunities to confidently read and write and talk in a range of contexts to least a national age related expectation

All teachers provide stimulating experiences and activities to motivate the child, using a range of resources to engage individuals and groups of children

English teaching is text-based literacy through the use of high quality texts, both fiction and non-fiction. This will allow students to immerse themselves in a text in depth. Teachers will ensure that all of the key areas of learning are covered by following a comprehensive teaching cycle which children will enjoy. The texts children cover are diverse and reflect the community we live in, celebrating talented people from all backgrounds. They learn about interesting themes and challenging topics that will help them develop their understanding of the world.

English Overview Year 2

English Overview Year 1

English Overview Year 3

English Overview Year 4

English Overview Year 5

English Overview Year 6

Year 1 – Information Texts

Year 1 - Fairy Stories and Traditional Tales

Year 1 – Instructions

Year 1 – Lists, Labels and Captions

Year 1 – Poetry – Poems on a Theme

Year 1 – Poetry – Using the Senses

Year 1 – Recounts (Fact and Fiction)

Year 1 – Stories from a Fantasy World

Year 1 – Recounts and Dictionaries

Year 1 – Stories from a range of cultures

Year 1 – Stories with Familiar Settings

Year 1 – Stories with predictable and patterned language 1

Year 2 – Different Stories from the Same Author

Year 2 – Explanation Texts

Year 2 – Information Texts

Year 2 – Extended stories from a range of authors

Year 2 – Instructional Texts

Year 2 – Non-chronological Reports

Year 2 – Poetry – Pattern on the Page

Year 2 – Poetry – Really Looking

Year 2 – Poetry – Silly Stuff

Year 2 – Stories from a Range of Cultures

Year 2 – Stories from Significant Authors

Year 2 - Traditional Tales

Year 2 – Stories with Familiar Settings

Year 3 – Adventure Stories

Year 3 – Authors

Year 3 – Dialogues and Plays

Year 3 – Information Texts

Year 3 – Instructions

Year 3 – Letters

Year 3 – Mystery Stories

Year 3 – Myths and Legends

Year 3 – Poetry – Language Plays

Year 3 – Poetry – Poems to Perform

Year 3 – Poetry – Shape Poems and Calligrams

Year 3 – Reports

Year 3 – Stories with familiar settings

Year 4 – Explanation Texts

Year 4 - Information Texts

Year 4 – Persuasive Texts

Year 4 – Poetry – Creating Images

Year 4 – Stories from Other of Cultures

Year 4 – Poetry – Exploring Forms

Year 4 – Stories which raise Issues and Dilemmas

Year 4 – Stories with Historical Settings

Year 4 – Stories with Imaginary Worlds

Year 5 – Dramatic Conventions

Year 5 – Film Narratives

Year 5 – Instructions

Year 5 – Older Literature

Year 5 – Stories from Significant Authors

Year 6 – Fiction Genres Fantasy

Year 6 – Fiction Genres Adventure

Year 6 – Fiction Genres Science Fiction

Year 6 – Fiction Genres Mystery

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