At Manor, every child is empowered to acquire core knowledge and quality understanding of the diverse beliefs, religious practises and worldviews, which, not only shape their history and culture but also guide their own personal development.

Children are exposed to an exceptional curriculum, which incorporates valuable insights into diverse beliefs and opinions, as well as, equipping children with the skills to be considerate, empathise and respect themselves and the communities, in which they live. Religious Education is explored from Nursery to Year 6, to discover and support the understanding of a constantly changing world, interpret religious practises and evaluate their significance.

To enable and support the understanding of a diverse world, children are exposed to high quality teaching which empowers their personal beliefs, opinions and affirms personal identity. The curriculum is enhanced through the exposure to sacred texts and artefacts, valuable discussions - drawing on individuality, inspiring school trips and encounters with various religious leaders. At Manor, we equip and empower our children to be knowledgeable and empathetic pupils who appreciate individualism regardless of religion or cultural background. 

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Manor Primary

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West Midlands WV14 9UQ
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